“Beautiful, peaceful, transformative. Needed that, thank you!
– Ian, full-time dad and Reiki practitioner

“My massage treatment was soothing and relaxing.  Nic is very gentle with her hands, and is a calm person in every way. She is also a good listener and gives helpful advice.”
– Gladys, retired

“I felt very relaxed and felt stress free.  Nic was lovely and very caring.”
Judith, teacher

“Thank you Nic for your sensitive, calm and instinctive approach to an anxious massage recipient.  My limbs sing your praises!
– Steph, mobile hairdresser

“Body feels loose, mobile and comfortable- rejuvenated.”
– Anna, massage therapist

“I was a little anxious before session, but once Nic put her hands on me I instantly felt relaxed.  Nic took her time and was thorough and competent from start to finish.”
Jean, massage therapist

“Relaxing, soothing, healing and restorative.”
– Greg, actor

“I felt very relaxed and safe throughout my massage.  After, I felt nurtured and relaxed.  I can now raise my left arm a lot further than before. I would definitely recommend Nicola to others.”
Chris, bodyworker.

I felt absolutely comfortable and safe with you.  You took away all the pain I had in my shoulder and neck. Amazing. Thank you.
– De, administrator

“A very enjoyable massage.  Pressure, speed, strokes just right.  I appreciated how you checked in regularly, adjusting as necessary.”
– Gemma, administrator

“My neck felt a real problem today. I feel Nic really listened and applied just the right pressure. The time flew, and I am now feeling really relaxed.  I have been given some good advice which I will definitely apply.  Very friendly, quiet and thoughtful. Thank you Nic.”
– Kath, writer

“Nic listened to what I required and tailored the massage well.  She checked the pressure often and altered when needed.  I really appreciated the exercises you recommended at the end. Thanks.”
– Jennifer, student


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